Traffic issues getting worse at Point, planning commissioners say

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Mar 07, 2012 - 04:27 PM

Gloucester suffers because of the poor traffic situation in the lower county, several members of the Gloucester Planning Commission said Thursday night.

During a meeting in the colonial courthouse, planning commissioner Phillip N. Bazzani said that one of the major problems facing traffic is "the lights at the Point are not synchronized." This stacks up traffic, especially during rush hours, he said.

The lack of synchronization among several lower county lights is becoming as bad as that in the Grafton area of York County, where several lights there have been placed close together and are not timed correctly, Bazzani said.

Christopher A. Hutson, Gloucester Point supervisor and board liaison to the commission, said he is concerned that it’s so hard to "get to the side streets." It’s especially difficult in trying to make some left-hand turns at Gloucester Point, he said.

Another commissioner, W. Keith Belvin, said that Gloucester needs another major north-south corridor to divert some of the traffic from heavily used Route 17. The comprehensive plan, now being revised, might show where such a route could be located in the future, he said.