Island residents not happy with bridge weight restrictions

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Nov 09, 2011 - 05:13 PM

Gwynn’s Island residents are none too happy about the recent weight limit imposed on the Gwynn’s Island bridge.

"This is really a mess over here," said Johnny Wroten last Friday.

Wroten, president of Wroten Oil Company and a Gwynn’s Island resident himself, said he can only carry 600 gallons of oil in his truck across the bridge since VDOT declared that holes in the steel girders under the swing span make it unsafe for a regular vehicle weighing over 10 tons. That’s a third of his usual load—and that’s using his smallest truck. While it doesn’t prevent Wroten from going on the island, it’s definitely an inconvenience.

"It means we have to make three trips to put out the same amount as we used to with one," he said. "We can still take care of our customers; it’s just a right smart hassle to do it."

He said he had heard that even a quick fix for getting large vehicles onto the island would be several months away.