Wetlands board approves eight shoreline improvement projects

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Oct 19, 2011 - 03:33 PM

The Gloucester County Wetlands Board had a busy night Oct. 12 as it approved eight shoreline improvement projects following separate public hearings in the colonial courthouse.

Linda Walthall, permit technician for the Environmental Division of the Gloucester Codes Compliance Office, said the board approved the application of Adrianne Ryder-Cook Joseph to construct 214 linear feet of Class 1 quarry stone revetment. The project, which Walthall said was approved as presented, is situated along the Ware River at 7734 Goshen Lane.

Following a separate hearing, L. Frank and Linda Phillips were granted permission to construct 183 linear feet of stone breakwater 750 cubic yards of beach nourishment and spartina plantings. That project is located on property situated along the York River off Allmondsville Road.

Acting on other applications, the board took the following action:

—Reactivated the expired permit for Betty Cumers to complete the remaining 124 linear feet of the 226 linear feet of vinyl bulkhead previously approved. The project is situated along Willets Creek at 8263 Mobjack Lane;

—Approved the application of Deborah Dennis to construct 30 linear feet of quarry stone revetment against an existing failing stone wall situated along the Severn River at 3461 Stonewall Road;

—Approved the request of J.C. and Lela Phillips to construct 192 linear feet of stone breakwater, 750 cubic yards of beach nourishment and spartina plantings situated along the York River off Allmondsville Road;

—Approved the application of Sam Woodard to construct 132 feet of riprap revetment along the York River at 5532 York Haven Lane;

—Ted A. Hoover was given the go-ahead for an after-the-fact application to construct 132 linear feet of riprap revetment situated along the York River at 5520 York Haven Lane, and;

—W. Dean Short II, et al was allowed to construct 75 linear feet of quarry stone revetment in front of existing bulkhead situated along the York River at 7946 Hermit Lane, with the stipulation of 1:1.5 slope and a 12-foot bottom.

Following its meeting, the wetlands board sat as the Gloucester County Chesapeake Bay Preservation and Erosion Commission. After holding a series of public hearings, the commission approved all four applications before it.

Charlesetta Crockett was given approval for a buffer modification to bring an incomplete home into compliance. Walthall said that application was continued from the September meeting so the applicant could bring more information to the commission. The commission approved the project at 1590 York Rest Lane.

Approval was also given to these applications:

—Mark Vann received permission for a buffer modification to construct a drainfield approximately 65 feet to the York River, on Weaver Lane, with the condition the applicant maintain an alternate reserve location;

—Michael and Roberta Shifflett received a buffer modification for the replacement of existing deck 12’x16; and the addition of a 12’x12’ upper deck at 4431 Saints Lane. Walthall said the commission unanimously approved that application with one planting unit and condition that no cover/roof be constructed over the deck, and;

—Ken and Donna Callahan were granted a buffer modification to construct an accessory structure (detached garage) at 6654 Williams Landing Road.