Gloucester School Board seeks state’s help in replacing Page

Kim Robins - Posted on Oct 12, 2011 - 05:23 PM

The Gloucester County School Board is asking for the state’s financial help in replacing Page Middle School, which was partially destroyed by an April 16 tornado, as well as assistance in improving the Route 17/T.C. Walker Road intersection in front of Page.

In a Sept. 29 letter from board chairman Anita Parker and school superintendent Ben Kiser to Gov. Bob McDonnell, the school officials requested "critical financial support" for the reconstruction of Page.

The letter further states "the school board’s insurance coverage is insufficient to rebuild a modern school," whether the replacement is built on the Page site or at another board-owned property across from Page on T.C. Walker Road.

"Gloucester County is facing additional long-term debt and we are seeking all available state funding to help build Page Middle School and offset the county’s need to incur unreasonable indebtedness," the letter states.