Donations continue to roll in for Gloucester’s middle school program

by Kim Robins - Posted on Oct 05, 2011 - 05:20 PM

While county supervisors continue to ponder whether to rebuild tornado-ravaged Page Middle School or replace it with a new facility on a different site, gifts to support the Gloucester middle school program keep coming in.

Most recently, Page principal Travis Burns, who oversees the cluster of modular classrooms now called Page which house all county eighth graders, traveled to the Driver neighborhood in the city of Suffolk to accept a donation.

Driver sustained damage from a tornado in April 2008. While no schools were damaged, several homes and historic structures were. Driver received much outside support as it worked to recover, according to Ken Parsons, owner of Knot Hole Station in Driver, and people there wanted to do something to help the Gloucester children who lost their school.

Soon after the tornado struck Page on April 16, Parsons began staging fundraising cornhole tournaments at his business. The twice-a-week tournaments started small but began to grow, and in June then-Page principal David Daniel was invited to play and accept a contribution of $400 raised by the cornhole events.