Mathews Main Street receives $776,000 grant

- Posted on Sep 21, 2011 - 04:02 PM

The Mathews Main Street improvement effort has received a major boost with the receipt of a grant totaling $776,000 through the VDOT Enhancement Grant program.

Mathews County Administrator Steve Whiteway said his office received the fully-executed grant agreement last week. The grant provides for streetscape improvements as well as streetside drainage improvements in the Phase 1 area of the total Main Street project, which includes both sides of Main Street from Brickbat Road to the Food Lion shopping center.

Streetscape improvements will involve the construction of new, safer sidewalks as well as improved pedestrian crossing facilities, landscaping, lighting and street furnishings, said Whiteway. The goal of the project is to provide safe pedestrian movement while also encouraging the economic growth of downtown Mathews.

In addition to the construction funding noted above, the Commonwealth Transportation Board in June 2011 allocated $232,000 in primary construction funds for improvement of drainage facilities on Route 14/Main Street in Mathews Court House. Previously, $500,000 had been allocated for this purpose, said Whiteway, bringing the total available in primary highway construction funds for drainage to $732,000. A portion of this funding has been spent by the Virginia Department of Transportation on preliminary engineering for drainage improvements. These funds will be used to construct drainage structures from Main Street to Put-In Creek.