VMRC approves two Gloucester shoreline improvements

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Aug 03, 2011 - 04:03 PM

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission approved two Gloucester County shoreline improvement projects during a meeting July 26 at its headquarters in Newport News.

The commission voted 8-0, associate commissioner Carter Fox absent, to approve the application of Herbert Kirkland, who sought authorization to construct 100 linear feet of replacement bulkhead aligned 18 inches channelward of a deteriorated bulkhead. Kirkland also was granted permission for two 50-foot long return walls and riprap along a drainage outlet on the east side of the property.

Commission spokesman John Bull said the commission also approved Kirkland’s request to remove two deteriorated groins and construct two new timber groins extending 65 feet channelward of the proposed bulkhead adjacent to his property situated along the York River at 1601 Browns Lane in Gloucester. The commission set the stipulation that the applicant nourish the groin cell with 40 cubic yards of sand and pay a royalty of $53.