Gloucester planners support fee exemption for temporary residences following disaster

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Jul 20, 2011 - 03:25 PM

The Gloucester County Planning Commission held a public hearing on July 7 in the colonial courthouse on a code amendment for exemption for temporary buildings and waiver of fees for structures damaged by fire or natural disasters.

Planning director Anne Ducey-Ortiz said the Gloucester Board of Supervisors referred a code amendment to the commission for consideration to allow the siting of temporary residences in case of fires and natural disasters without the need for a building permit to repair the existing permanent residential structure for a period of six months. The referral from the supervisors, Ducey-Ortiz said, also requested the commission to provide the ability for the supervisors to waive zoning permit fees associated with these incidents.

Based on the direction of the county board, Ducey-Ortiz said, County Attorney Ted Wilmot drafted an ordinance which included four options, all of which were presented for consideration at the public hearing. From that list, the commissioners voted 12-0 in support of Option #4.

However, the commission suggested that supervisors consider a different lot line requirement—perhaps no closer than five feet from the lot line—for replacement of a travel-trailer (recreational vehicle). All four options presented to the planning commission had a lot line requirement of 15 feet.

The lot line suggestion was made during the public hearing by David Teagle, who questioned the 15-foot proposal.