Mathews supervisors hold off decision on Hudgins sewer plans

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on May 25, 2011 - 06:48 PM

The Mathews County Board of Supervisors took no action Tuesday on a proposal to delineate a sanitary sewer service area at Hudgins.

Planning and zoning director John Shaw had asked to board to delineate the area as the first of at least three commercial nodes along Route 198 that might ultimately need to tie into Hampton Roads Sanitation District’s recently-completed transmission force main. Other nodes include Cobbs Creek and Dixie. The force main pumps sewage from the county’s current sanitary district at Mathews Court House to the regional treatment plant in Yorktown.

Shaw said the proposed area wouldn’t have to correspond to the zoning district and that its delineation wouldn’t be written in stone; other properties could be added later.

Under the zoning ordinance, no minimum lot size is required for lots on public sewer, he said, so there’s the possibility that properties could be subdivided into smaller lots, with denser development, including multi-family residential units.

Simply delineating the area wouldn’t create a sanitary district, said Shaw. That would have to be done by developing policies and procedures under the guidance of the county attorney.

Asked whether there would be enough excess capacity with the pipeline to serve both the undeveloped areas in the court house and a sewer area at Hudgins, Shaw said yes.