Gloucester planners to consider wind energy facilities

by Bill Nachman - Posted on May 25, 2011 - 06:04 PM

The Gloucester County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing about small wind energy facilities at its 7:30 p.m. meeting next Thursday, June 2, in the colonial courthouse. The hearing is scheduled to start 15 minutes after the meeting begins.

Chairman W. Keith Belvin said that the proposed changes to the county’s zoning ordinance would add small wind energy facilities as a specifically defined accessory use, permitted in the C-1, C-2, PUD-1, RC-1, RC-2, SC-1 and SF-1 districts.

The change provides for small wind energy facilities as permitted uses in the stated districts limiting the maximum height of such facilities. Planner Tripp Little said the property line setbacks for these facilities would be based on their height and zoning district, and can be 110 percent of system height or that required by the zoning district, whichever is greater.

According to a county notice, the wind units will be prohibited in any required front yard, and only one unit will be permitted per parcel. Little said the county is not planning on any wind farms, but is looking at small, individual wind energy facilities.