Wetlands board orders landowner to comply with permit

- Posted on May 25, 2011 - 06:02 PM

The Mathews County Wetlands Board heard one case, a wetlands violation, during a meeting on May 4.

The board unanimously agreed to require that William Mark Stall of Newport News, comply with the terms of a wetlands permit he was issued last year by removing 12 feet of vinyl bulkhead that was installed on his property along the North River at 11 Rose Cottage Lane.

According to an e-mail from wetlands coordinator Chris Ingram, that portion of Stall’s request was expressly denied during a permit hearing in June 2010.

In addition to removing the bulkhead, Stall is required to restore the site to a naturally vegetated state and to submit a restoration monitoring plan.

In a letter to Stall’s agent, Richard Hicks, Ingram explained that the board’s decision can be appealed to the Mathews County Circuit Court.