Planners amend requirements for Hayes mixed-use project

by Bill Nachman - Posted on May 18, 2011 - 03:01 PM

The Gloucester County Planning Commission has recommended that proffers be changed to make it easier for developers to pay for a new mixed-use project at Hayes.

The existing proffers require that the developer pay the entire surety for the project at the beginning. But after discussing the applicant’s request during a meeting on May 5 in the colonial courthouse, the commission decided that requiring all of the surety up front would make it hard for the developer to pay for the project.

At issue was Zandler’s Crossing, a project that a spokesman said might ultimately have more than 80 townhouse units as well as some businesses and professional offices.

Charlie Records, a spokesman for Zandler’s Crossing, said that he expects the project to be completed within about five years, with several phases of residential units and one or more commercial phases.

Planning director Ann Ducey-Ortiz said some that the initial entry will be off Crewe Road, with a second entrance on Route 17 required when the 50th residential unit is ready.

The commission and the Gloucester Board of Supervisors both held public hearings on the Zandler’s Crossing application in 2009. County Administrator Brenda Garton said that the supervisors found the project "consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s recommendation for mixed use and higher residential within the village areas, as well as supports the Gloucester Point Village character."