Wetlands board approves four shoreline requests

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Mar 16, 2011 - 03:27 PM

The Gloucester County Wetlands Board held public hearings on four separate shoreline improvement applications during a meeting held on March 9 in the colonial courthouse.

Timberneck, LLC, by its agent Christine Conrad of Williamsburg Environmental Group, applied to install 12-inch pipes for two dry hydrants for the purposes of emergency fire suppression, said Linda Walthall, permit technician in the Environmental Division of the Gloucester Codes Compliance Office. By a 7-0 vote, the board gave the applicants permission so the two connecting 12" PVC pipes will be installed from the hydrant location to the shoreline of Timberneck Creek and will extend approximately 71’ channelward of mean low water.

Upon completion of construction, the temporary impacts of vegetated wetlands required for trenching will be restored to grade and planted with Spartina alterniflora.

The proposed project is located in the community lot of Timberneck Farms development. In approving the application, the board set the condition that a revised drawing be provided to staff depicting benchmarks for the piping. The locations are to include turning points, lengths of linear runs, and each point tied to two fixed/permanent locations. That project is situated along Timberneck Creek, off Timberneck Farm Road.