Mathews pipeline nearing completion

- Posted on Mar 16, 2011 - 03:18 PM

The new Mathews pipeline is nearly complete. While it has previously been tested in sections, the entire system of pipelines and pump stations is scheduled to undergo a full scale test next week, said a press release from Hampton Roads Sanitation District spokesman Nancy Munnikhuysen. If the test is successful, she said, the system will be placed in service.

Once the system is in service, HRSD can begin deactivation of the Mathews Wastewater Treatment Plant which currently empties treated wastewater into Put-In Creek, said Munnikhuysen. The deactivation process will include shutdown of the treatment process followed by removal of equipment that can be reused.

The demolition of structures and piping, which will occur in stages, requires Virginia Department of Environmental Quality approval, said Munnikhuysen. She doesn’t yet know how long demolition activities will take. After the pump station is removed, she said, a small in-ground pump station will remain on site to serve the Mathews court green.

In addition, paving of roads that have been excavated for pipes began last Monday. To expedite the job, said Munnikhuysen, two firms, Branscome, Inc., and Peninsula Paving Company, have been performing the work. She said paving is expected to take three weeks, but it may take longer if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Paving can’t take place during heavy rain or when the temperature is below 40 degrees, she said, so the schedule is weather dependent.

"HRSD is extremely grateful for the understanding and cooperation of area residents throughout this project," said Munnikhuysen. She said the pipeline "will enhance our ability to protect public health and area waterways for decades to come."