Construction delays for new Mathews YMCA

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jun 06, 2018 - 12:16 PM

Construction of the new Mathews Family YMCA building in Hudgins has been delayed by at least another month.

Director Sheila Pillath said on Tuesday that there had been equipment delays that have caused the building completion date to go beyond the previously stated date of early June. The delays are related to changes made to the plans to upgrade the facility so that it can serve as an emergency shelter for the county.

The main problem, she said, is that the water tank for the facility had to meet new standards, and one wasn’t immediately available for purchase. It’s therefore on back order and won’t be delivered until July 6. After it’s hooked up, she said, the water system will still need to be approved.

In addition, Pillath said that the full-time onsite generator that was required as part of the upgrade will need an updated electrical panel box and breakers. Those pieces of equipment should be in this week, she said, but the fact that the panel box had to be replaced meant that the HVAC system couldn’t be brought online, which put installation of the flooring behind because it needed to be installed in a temperature-controlled environment.

Finally, Pillath said that asphalt hasn’t been laid in the parking lot yet, but that it should be done soon.

Pillath said the Y always knew that the project wouldn’t be completed until August at the earliest because, once construction is completed, the building still needs to be furnished and stocked. She said the Y is still planning on an early August opening.