Gloucester planners endorse broadband ordinance

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Mar 09, 2011 - 03:50 PM

Following a public hearing Thursday night, the Gloucester County Planning Commission recommended passage of a broadband ordinance.

Two people spoke in favor of the broadband ordinance during the hearing, said Ellen Wilson, a secretary in the Gloucester Planning Department, while nobody spoke against the proposed measure.

All commission members present voted in favor of the ordinance, Wilson said, with members Larry Dame and Bobby Crewe, the Gloucester Board of Supervisors liaison to the commission, absent.

Among additions to the ordinance the commission endorsed was including a definition for a commercial communications facility, Type VI, or data pole, which can have an antenna not to exceed 120 feet high. Such communication facilities would be allowed in all zoning districts, except to require special exception in the SF-1 zoning district and on existing lots of 30,000 square feet or less.

No signs or other forms of advertising shall be placed on any communications facility unless required by the Federal Communications Commission or the Federal Aviation Administration, the draft ordinance said. Any communication facilities not used for a continuous period of 24 months shall be removed at the expense of the provider and/or property owner within 30 days.

These communication facilities shall not be permitted in jurisdictional wetlands.

In other business, planner Emily Gibson said the commission reviewed the county’s Capital Improvement Plan for FY2012-16. Gibson said the commission passed a resolution that the recommendations in the CIP are consistent with Gloucester’s Comprehensive Plan.