Bowser found guilty on brandishing charge

Kim Robins - Posted on Feb 23, 2011 - 04:18 PM

A man involved in an ongoing property right-of-way dispute with his neighbor was found guilty of brandishing a firearm by a Gloucester Circuit Court jury on Tuesday.

The seven-member panel fined Clarence Bowser, 61, of Running Horse Lane, $2,500 after its guilty finding. Bowser was charged with brandishing a firearm following a standoff with Gloucester Sheriff’s deputies who tried to arrest him on a civil contempt warrant in July. The warrant was issued after Bowser allegedly blocked the right of way which a judge ordered cleared.

Sgt. Jason Klink of the Gloucester Sheriff’s Office testified he called Bowserwith a request to meet him at his Running Horse Lane property to discuss a crime report Bowser made earlier to the GSO. He admitted he misled Bowser. Klink said he was dispatched to serve the arrest warrant, and had two other officers backing him on the assignment.

Klink said as he waited near the gate, he saw Bowser approach wearing a gun in a western-style holster. Klink said he asked Bowser to step through the fence line toward his patrol vehicle, which he did. When informed he was under arrest, Klink said Bowser stated, "Hold on, I ain’t going to jail" and reached down for his weapon.