Three applications before wetlands board next week

Bill Nachman - Posted on Jul 08, 2010 - 04:57 PM

The Gloucester County Wetlands Board will hold public hearings on three shoreline improvement applications during a meeting beginning at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 14, in the colonial courthouse.

Jordan Marine Services has applied to replace 45 linear feet of failed timber bulkhead situated along the northwest branch of Sarah’s Creek at 7804 Jordan Road, Gloucester Point, said Linda Walthall, permit technician in the Environmental Division of the Gloucester Codes Compliance Office.

Mark and Susan Douglas are seeking permission to construct two 60-linear-foot timber low-profile jetties extending 48 feet channelward of mean high water along the York River at Jenkins Neck Road.

Also, Christopher Welch has submitted an application to repair an existing 136-linear-foot bulkhead and raise its height by six inches and 55 cubic yards of associated sandy backfill. According to a public notice, the repair will replace the failing wood face with vinyl sheet pile and construct a new cable tieback system. That project is situated along Wilson Creek at 5400 Three Mile Lane.

Following its meeting, the board will reconvene as the Gloucester County Chesapeake Bay Preservation and Erosion Commission. That body will hold public hearings on three buffer modification applications.

Louis and Judith Castagnola have requested permission to construct a 24’x26’ addition to the southeast side of an existing dwelling. The project is located at 2597 Red Bank Road.

The commission will consider the request of Wyse Burton to construct a 1,000-square-foot detached garage, with removal of 308-square-foot accessory structure at 3955 Aberdeen Creek Road.

Michael George has sought approval of proposed encroachment of 525 square feet (detached garage) and 430-square-foot concrete driveway) at 7624 Foster Road.

Chairman Walter I. Priest III said interested persons are invited to attend the meeting and speak during the hearings. Copies of the applications are available for review at the Gloucester Codes Compliance Office, located in Gloucester County Office Building #3 on Main Street.