Gloucester planners review broadband ordinance

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Feb 09, 2011 - 04:42 PM

The Gloucester County Planning Commission reviewed a broadband ordinance during a meeting Thursday night and decided to hold a hearing on the matter at its March 3 meeting.

Following staff recommendations, the commission set the public hearing. Commissioners Phillip Bazzani, Mark Holthaus, Mark Strawn, Laurence Wilkinson and Michael Winebarger were absent.

Among additions to the ordinance the commission endorsed was including a definition for a commercial communications facility, Type VI, or data pole, which can have an antenna not to exceed 120 feet high.

No signs or other forms of advertising shall be placed on any communications facility unless required by the Federal Communications Commission or the Federal Aviation Administration, the draft ordinance stated. Any communication facilities not used for a continuous period of 24 months shall be removed at the expense of the provider and/or property owner within 30 days.

The Gloucester Board of Zoning Appeals may grant special exceptions for facilities to be located on existing lots 30,000 square feet in area or less, a draft said, and these communications facilities shall not be permitted in jurisdictional wetlands.