Lee-Jackson gym roof repair plans move ahead

by Charlie Koenig - Posted on Apr 19, 2017 - 11:55 AM

Plans to repair the gymnasium roof at Lee-Jackson Elementary School are moving ahead, according to Mathews County Public Schools superintendent Nancy Welch.

Speaking to school board members during Tuesday night’s monthly meeting in the Mathews High School media center, she said that her office is in the final phases of getting project specifications ready for bid.

Welch said it is her goal to have bids received by the middle of next month, at which time she would have a better idea on the project’s cost as well as a timeframe for completion.

School board member John Priest asked Welch if it was a possibility that the project could be finished before the start of the 2017-2018 school year, to which she replied, “In Nancy’s world, yes sir.” Ideally, she said, work on the roof would be completed by Aug. 1 to allow time for resurfacing of the gym floor before the start of classes in September.

The failed truss system holding up the gym roof was discovered in January 2016, following a winter storm that had caused the roof of Donk’s Theater in Hudgins to collapse. Since that time, the gym has been closed to students, who now use the Brooks Auditorium at Thomas Hunter Middle School for gym class.

School budget

In other news, Welch reported on the school board’s proposed 2017-2018 budget, which is now being considered by county supervisors. “We are looking at a massive cut from your adopted budget,” she said. The school board had requested $8.13 million from the county for its share of the proposed $14.17 million budget, an increase in roughly $680,000 in local funds.