Looking ahead to 2011: Mathews

- Posted on Jan 19, 2011 - 03:31 PM

As it was during the past two years, dealing with budget cuts will be one of the biggest challenges for Mathews County in the year ahead, according to County Administrator Stephen K. Whiteway.

"While the economic recovery is officially underway, continued shortfalls in state revenue will create stress for local governments," Whiteway said.

Mathews County has reduced its annual budget substantially over the past two years and, in 2011, will continue to seek ways to reduce expenditures while, at the same time, continuing to provide necessary services, Whiteway said.

While local revenues are expected to remain relatively stable in the coming year, the county may well experience financial difficulties due to decisions made at the state level. Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposed amendments to the state’s biennial budget include additional reductions in funding to local public education, as well as reductions in other functions traditionally supported by the state. The complete financial picture, Whiteway said, will not be known to the county until the General Assembly completes its work in early 2011.

"The board of supervisors is mindful of the impact that local taxes have on our citizens and businesses," Whiteway said. "The board is also acutely aware of the demand for services in our community. The county’s budget will be developed with an eye to all of these concerns."