Mathews retiree gives December income to charity

by Charlie Koenig - Posted on Dec 08, 2010 - 04:13 PM

As a tribute to his late wife, and in the hope that others might follow his example in these times of high unemployment and real need in the community, a Mathews County man has decided to give nearly all of his December income to a long list of charities.

The retired Army sergeant, who has asked that his name, and donations, remain anonymous, is giving away a total of $2,700 to the Gloucester and Mathews Social Services departments, the Salvation Army, several other charitable organizations, and to family and neighbors.

Each month, he receives $2,754 a month through Social Security, disability pay, and his military pension, which will leave him only $54—enough, he said, for him to make it through to January. He proudly showed off the contents of his wallet: two $20 bills, a $10 and four singles.

"I figured out that I can get by on $10.80 a week without any problem," he said, with an ample stockpile of green beans and tomatoes he and his late wife canned from their garden, and a half a tank of gas in his car.