Gloucester pharmacist leads prescription meds initiative

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Oct 20, 2010 - 02:29 PM

Photo: Keith Hodges

Keith Hodges

Gloucester pharmacist Keith Hodges was a key figure this week during the nationwide launch of "Safeguard My Meds," a new education initiative that targets misuse of prescription medicines.

Hodges, who owns Gloucester Pharmacy at Walter Reed Plaza, said Tuesday that he was handling questions from mostly large media outlets and the Gazette-Journal was one of the few smaller newspapers selected for reporters’ questions.

Calling the Gazette-Journal from New York, Hodges said he was speaking alongside Catherine Hicks, a well-known actress ("7th Heaven") who has become involved as a concerned parent in the national effort to prevent prescription medication abuse.

A spokesman for the "Safeguard My Meds" campaign said the national media launch was planned for Tuesday and Wednesday. Hodges was the pharmacist selected to represent the project, said Harry Wade, a spokesman for Wade Health Communications in New York City, which coordinated the public awareness campaign on behalf of the National Community Pharmacists Association. Hodges serves on the association’s executive committee.