Gloucester residents asked to help keep roadsides free of trash

by Bill Nachman - Posted on May 21, 2014 - 02:07 PM

To assist the Virginia Department of Transportation’s roadside mowing operations, Gloucester Clean Community officials are seeking more residents willing to pick up litter.

Coordinator William Bell said 308 volunteers picked up 8.25 tons of trash and litter from Gloucester’s roadsides as part of Clean Gloucester Day in March. “Unfortunately, the volunteers were able to clean litter from only a portion of the more than 50 miles of primary roads in the county,” Bell said.

If more people lend a hand to pick up litter throughout this season and year, Bell said, then it would make VDOT’s roadside mowing operations more effective. VDOT has crews mow all of Route 17 from Gloucester Point to the Dragon Run Bridge at Glenns, a release said. Other roads on the state mowing list include Route 216 (Guinea Road), Route 33 from Route 17 to the King and Queen County line, Route 198 (Glenns Road/Dutton Road), and Route 3/14 from Gloucester Court House to the Mathews County line.

“This time of year, the litter and trash are there,” said Ralph “Buzz” Perkins, chairman of the Gloucester Clean Community Committee. “It’s just hidden by the grass. Once the roadsides are mowed, trash and litter seem to appear from nowhere.”

Bell said volunteers during recent cleanup efforts reported seeing more trash bags and larger items along the side of many roads. Lots of these items apparently fall from trailers or pickup trucks on the way to a convenience center, he said.