21 apply for school superintendent’s job

- Posted on Apr 30, 2014 - 01:38 PM

The Gloucester County School Board heard from 21 applicants interested in becoming the superintendent of Gloucester Pubic Schools before the April 18 deadline, according to board chairman Randy Burak.

Burak said the board received 31 inquiries regarding the position and 21 full applications, including 14 from men and seven from women. Nine are current or former superintendents, five are assistant superintendents, five are central office administrators and one is a principal.

Ten of the applicants reside in Virginia, four are from North Carolina and the others reside in Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Maryland.

The board is expected to interview selected applicants this month and make its selection in early June. That will give current superintendent Ben Kiser time to work with his replacement before he retires on July 1.