- Posted on Apr 30, 2014 - 01:04 PM

Former Virginia Del. Harvey B. Morgan spent Sunday afternoon reminiscing about growing up in Gloucester Court House during a meeting of the Gloucester Historical Society, held in the meeting hall of Abingdon Episcopal Church. As a child, Morgan said, the boys on DuVal Avenue would have battles with the boys from Lewis Avenue. Dirt clods would be thrown back and forth between the two sides, he said, except for a break during lunchtime. The children would organize pet funerals at which young Harvey would play “Taps” on his bugle. Morgan could hear the sound of Roaring Springs from the front porch of the Botetourt Hotel, the building that today houses the Gloucester Museum of History. He noted that the early Coke fountain drink machines were as big as an outboard motor. His talk was well received and many members of the audience spoke up with details they remembered of the people and locations Morgan described. Photo by Zack Loesch