Gloucester Point condo proposal subject of public hearing

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Feb 05, 2014 - 02:04 PM
The Gloucester County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at 7:30 tonight in the colonial courthouse to receive comments on a rezoning application that would allow construction of 50 condominium units at Gloucester Point.
Moody Homes Holdings Corporation is the current property owner, said planner Tripp Little. The site is located in the Gloucester Point Magisterial District on the west side of George Washington Memorial Highway (Route 17), across from the Gloucester Point Shopping Center.
Little said Moody Homes has applied to amend the Gloucester County zoning map to reclassify approximately 11.09 acres from MF-1 conditional (Medium-density multi-family residential) to a similar zoning designation that would allow switching the format of the project. Moody Homes now wants to utilize a condominium form of ownership for the 50 units without any age restrictions, rather than the same number of units sold as duplexes with fee-simple development proposed to be built by another developer who never built anything on that site.
The Gloucester County Board of Supervisors will have the final say on the rezoning request and will schedule a hearing on the matter later. Little said that board approved an age-restricted project for adults 55 and older called Magnolia Point for that property in January 2005 for applicant K&S Land Holding. Magnolia Point was never built, Little said, but part of a road leading into the project was completed as well as a pumping station that has never been brought on line.
In September 2012, Reese Smith Associates of Virginia Beach received the go-ahead from the county supervisors to develop duplexes with fee-simple lot ownership on the Gloucester Point site. But that company never built any residential units on the property, Little said.