Pet waste stations still available to neighborhood groups

- Posted on Jan 29, 2014 - 12:47 PM
Hampton Roads Planning District Commission has received 32 applications so far for a new pet waste station program.
But Rebekah Eastep, physical and environmental planner for HRPDC, said that as of Jan. 2, no applications had been received from any Gloucester County government or neighborhood group. Gloucester is one of 16 member jurisdictions in HRPDC.
“We are really excited to have received 32 applications so far,” Eastep said, noting the applications began being accepted in early December. There is no application deadline, but the pet waste stations—principally intended for use by dog owners—will be made available to groups requesting them until all 150 of the units are claimed.
These stations can help protect the environment. Pet waste may be unsightly, and it is also a major source of nitrogen and bacteria pollution in local waterways, Eastep said. Preference for the stations will be given to walking trails and public areas, she said.
Each station comes ready to install and includes a post, sign (“Pet Waste Station: Please Clean Up After Your Pet”), bag dispenser, waste can, hardware, 400 dog waste bags, and 50 can liners. Eastep said groups that receive a pet waste station are asked to empty the trash regularly and replace the bags.