Lewis holds razor-thin lead in Senate race

Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jan 08, 2014 - 01:40 PM
Tuesday’s special election for Virginia’s 6th District Senate seat was anything but conclusive. With 20,380 votes cast, Democrat Lynwood Lewis was ahead by a mere 18 votes by the end of the day. He had 10,197 votes, while Republican Wayne Coleman had 10,175 votes. There were eight write-in votes district-wide.
Voter turnout was slightly over 28 percent in Mathews County, with 1,848 votes cast out of 6,499 active voters registered. Mathews residents supported Coleman by a two-to-one margin, with 1,227 votes cast for him and only 621 votes for Lewis.
Lewis declared himself the winner, but Coleman’s campaign chair Austin Chambers said he expected that those results may change after Wednesday’s canvass.
“We’re going to make sure every legitimate vote is counted,” said Chambers. “When the results are actually certified, we feel comfortable we’re going to come out on top.”
After the certification, whoever lags behind can determine whether he wants a recount, said Chambers.
“We knew all along it was going to be extremely close,” he said. “It’s all about turnout.”
Chambers said that the number of people who turned out in spite of record cold weather in the five localities involved “speaks volumes about the people in the district.”