Planners recommend allowing use of freight containers

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Jan 08, 2014 - 12:35 PM
The Gloucester County Planning Commission voted last Thursday night to recommend that freight containers used exclusively for storage be regulated as accessory structures.
In making its recommendation to the Gloucester Board of Supervisors, the commission ended its multi-month discussion of the use of cargo containers, temporary storage buildings, and temporary family health care structures. The supervisors will now schedule their own public hearing on the matter.
No one from the public turned out on a rainy night to speak during the advertised public hearing and the commissioners did not discuss the matter further.
Commission member Natalie Johnson moved the ordinance amendment be passed as recommended by planning staff; the motion passed without dissent.
One topic that had raised concerns from several commissioners at previous meetings was whether signs should be allowed to remain on the cargo containers, which are increasingly being used here for general storage purposes. That matter was not discussed at last week’s meeting.
But the commission agreed with staff to specify the number of containers that would be allowed:
—No more than one freight container shall be allowed on a residential lot less than two acres;
—No more than two units on residential lots between two and five acres; and,
—A maximum of five storage containers shall be on residential lots over five acres.