Approximately 30 attend NAACP candidate forum in Mathews

by Quinton Sheppard - Posted on Oct 23, 2013 - 01:36 PM

A variety of issues impacting Mathews County were brought up during Tuesday night’s candidate forum, which was sponsored by the Mathews chapter of the NAACP and held at First Baptist Church, Mathews. All candidates on the ballot in Mathews were invited to participate in the forum, which drew about 30 members of the public.

Candidates for the two open seats on the Mathews County Board of Supervisors were first to speak.

Independent candidate Jack White said if elected, he plans to think outside of the box; observe, learn and see if there is anything he can contribute to help Mathews County. "My motto is service above self," White said, adding that he was so proud and excited to be around members of the community who serve and who serve so selflessly.

Incumbent board member O.J. Cole, also an independent, said he has been involved in community affairs ever since he retired from NASA. He said he has served two terms on the county’s board of supervisors and vows if reelected, he will use his third term to focus on doing things for the people. "This is my time to put effort toward people and what we can do for them," Cole said.

Write-in candidate G.C. Morrow said it is a good idea to elect someone who has lived in Mathews all of their life, as he has. "I’ve lived the problems, and I’ve studied things in Mathews," he said, such as the lack of drainage in the county’s ditches. "I’m really good for the job," Morrow added. "The board knows I’m persistent … I am a problem solver." He said he thinks Mathews has a good board now, "but I think I will help round it out a bit."

Three candidates for the two open seats on the Mathews County School Board then had the opportunity to speak, beginning with incumbent Ginger Richards.