Planners recommend rezoning to allow for apartments at Dutton

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Oct 16, 2013 - 12:24 PM

The Mathews County Planning Commission voted unanimously Tuesday night to recommend that the board of supervisors approve a request for the rezoning of a property at the corner of Windsor Road and Buckley Hall Road at Dutton.

Property owner Marie J. Seavey has requested that the parcel, which in the past housed both a store and a post office, be rezoned from residential (R-2) to business (B-2). She also requested a conditional use permit to enable her to divide the structure into four apartments for residential use.

Planning and zoning director John Shaw said that in 2006, Seavey had a CUP approved to allow her to put an office for a construction business on the ground floor of the building, with two apartments above. Seavey proposes to no longer use the building to house the construction business, and the first CUP would become void if the new one were approved.

There are only two districts in the zoning ordinance that allow four dwelling units per structure, said Shaw—Business-2 and Village Mixed Use, and the VMU District is located only in Mathews Court House.

The county could amend the zoning ordinance to allow four dwelling units by right in the Residential-2 District, Shaw said, but that might cause an increase in the number of applications for that use, and residential density might increase significantly.

Shaw said the Mathews Health Department has no objection to rezoning the parcel, but that a permit would be needed for the additional residences. Seavey would also have to meet VDOT requirements for an entrance and parking, and Shaw suggested she be required to remove the construction vehicles currently on the property and install landscaping to provide a buffer between her property and surrounding properties.