Hearing on proposed zoning amendment cancelled

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Sep 25, 2013 - 12:04 PM

A joint public hearing of the Mathews County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors that was scheduled for last Tuesday night was cancelled at the last minute.

Planning and zoning director John Shaw said that the application under consideration had been a request to amend the zoning ordinance to allow up to four dwelling units per acre in the residential-2 zoning district. However, the applicant, Marie Seavey of Gloucester, withdrew the request, which was related to the old Bailey Adams Store at the corner of Buckley Hall and Windsor roads in Dutton.

Shaw said that the building sits on 1.43 acres and currently has office space downstairs and two apartments upstairs. Seavey would like to turn the downstairs into two apartments, as well, said Shaw, but the property is zoned R-2, which allows for a maximum of two dwelling units per acre of land.

Planning commission members expressed concern about a text amendment that would allow four dwelling units per acre, saying it would open up the possibility for all properties that are zoned R-2 (off-water residential).

However, commission members said they would like to help Seavey find a way to accomplish her goal. They suggested that, since the structure was once a business and is still being used for business purposes under a conditional use permit, she might instead request that the site be rezoned business-2. Four residential units per acre can be permitted under a conditional use permit in that district.

Seavey was not present at the meeting.