Two shoreline projects approved at Sept. 11 meeting

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Sep 18, 2013 - 12:30 PM

The Gloucester County Wetlands Board approved two shoreline improvement applications during its Sept. 11 meeting in the colonial courthouse.

David and Barbara Reger sought authorization to install 100 linear feet of class 1 rock revetment along eroding shoreline situated along Sarah Creek at 1820 Sawgrass Pointe Drive.

Linda Walthall, permit technician for the Environmental Division of the Gloucester Codes Compliance Office, said that board members noted that revetment would not disturb any wetland vegetation. Also, Walthall said the project would remove some shading of the marsh and allow for more substantial marsh growth.

Following a separate public hearing, the board approved the application of Adele Moray. Moray was allowed to install 75 linear feet of rock revetment and 30-foot by 12-foot wide rock sill along eroding shoreline situated along Fox Creek and the Ware River at 9461 Bay Meadows Road. In addition, a staff report said Moray was granted permission for 30 yards of beach nourishment and Spartina plantings at the shoreline.