Planners draw boundaries for Village Mixed Use district

Quinton Sheppard - Posted on Aug 21, 2013 - 01:54 PM

By a 5-0 vote Tuesday night, the Mathews County Planning Commission recommended a set of boundaries for the county’s Village Mixed Use (VMU) district during a meeting in the historic courthouse.

The decision followed a public hearing, where a handful of residents expressed mixed views on the VMU.

Planning commission members Chuck Dawson and David Rowe were absent from the meeting.

The boundaries, which were suggested by the planning commission, were designed to give property areas in the core village area the opportunity to have the highest, most mixed use of their properties, according to Mathews planning and zoning director John Shaw.

The boundaries recommended run along both sides of Main Street, ending near Kingston Episcopal parish house on the southwest end; the Brambles on the southeast end and run north to Hyco Corner. From Hyco Corner, the boundaries extend east on Buckley Hall Road toward an area of potential development within the district and then run northwest to Liberty Square and Stewart’s Tile and Carpet Center.

According to Shaw, the setting of these boundaries is not a new thing; they date to the county’s 1975 comprehensive plan, which references a land use goal to encourage a mix of residential, commercial and recreation uses.