New highway markers coming to Gloucester

by Kim Robins - Posted on Jul 17, 2013 - 01:24 PM

The Virginia Department of Historical Resources approved two new historical highway markers for Gloucester during its June 20 meeting, one for Werowocomoco and another for Poplar Spring Church.

It also approved a marker for T.C. Walker School in Bath County, a 1930 Rosenwald school named for Thomas Calhoun Walker of Gloucester.

The Werowocomoco marker will be the second in Gloucester to cite the county as the location of home of the Indian chief known as Powhatan. The new marker, sponsored by the DHR, will be placed on Route 17 or on Route 606 near the Werowocomoco site. It will read as follows:

"The site of Werowocomoco is located nearby at Purtan Bay. This Algonquian Indian settlement was the center of power of the Powhatan paramount chiefdom when the English established James Fort in 1607. Captain John Smith was brought to Werowocomoco as a captive in December 1607 where he met the Powhatan leader Wahunsonacock and his daughter Pocahontas.

"Archaeologists working closely with present-day members of Virginia Indian tribes investigated the site from 2002 to 2010. They documented that Werowocomoco was an extensive settlement, including trenches defining an area of restricted access or sacred space, from the 13th century through the early 17th century."