Red Cross embarks on nationwide reorganization

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jul 10, 2013 - 12:18 PM

A recent nationwide reorganization of the American Red Cross is expected to enhance the organization’s ability to provide services to rural areas such as Gloucester and Mathews counties.

Reggie Gordon, CEO for the Eastern Virginia Region of the Red Cross, said in an interview on Tuesday that the reorganization has resulted in three regions across Virginia—Eastern, Western and National Capital Area. Gloucester and Mathews are in the Eastern Region’s Virginia Peninsula Cluster.

Larger regions will allow the Red Cross to leverage its resources to provide the same level of services to every person, said Gordon, no matter whether that person lives in a big city or a small, rural community.

"The goal is to be able to help people more consistently," he said.

In the past, each chapter had to raise its own funds to pay for training and programs and to purchase supplies and materials, said Gordon, but under the direction of the new national president, Gail McGovern, the wider organization will now provide funding to help smaller localities offer the same services that have long been available in more urban areas. He said the "significant corporate base" of a city such as Richmond can help provide resources for a small community such as Mathews, which has a "smaller philanthropic base."