Planners request hearing on amendments to off-street parking

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jun 19, 2013 - 01:45 PM

The Mathews County Planning Commission took action on three matters Tuesday night, deciding to request that the board of supervisors hold public hearings on proposed changes to the zoning ordinance regarding minimum off-street parking and delineation of a Village Mixed Use District, and holding fast to a previous recommendation for changes to the definition of plan of development and site plan.


The proposed amendments to minimum off-street parking include establishing sizes for parking bays, aisle widths, and turning radii; setting parking requirements at one parking space for each four seats in churches and auditoriums and one space for each five slips at marinas; requiring that lighting fixtures direct light down and reflect it away from adjoining premises; and deleting text about handicapped access, instead requiring conformance with ADA regulations.

Mixed Use District

The proposed Village Mixed Use District as delineated would include all the properties on both sides of Main Street from Hyco Corner to the Vintage Gallery (formerly Christie Chevrolet) on the west side and The Brambles facility on the east side; all the properties around the Court Green fronting on Church Street, Court Street, and Brickbat Road up to the White Dog Bistro and the fire station; and properties along both sides of Buckley Hall Road from the Dollar General store to Liberty Square on the west side and Stewart’s Carpet and Tile on the east side.