Additional Fort Nonsense earthworks uncovered

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jun 12, 2013 - 11:54 AM

A Mathews resident recently revealed the location of additional Fort Nonsense earthworks to members of the Mathews County Historical Society.

Forrest Morgan, chair of the society’s education and archaeology committee, said the earthworks are located south of Route 14 in an isolated location that has no road access.

The structure is over 20 yards long and is located 300-400 yards from the road, said Morgan, adding that the section is probably the southernmost end of the original fort.

The fort once extended from the corner of Routes 14 and 3 to the recently identified section, he said, but the part in between was bulldozed sometime after 1937. A photograph taken as part of an aerial survey of the county that year clearly shows the earthworks.

The 94-year-old resident who disclosed the location of the earthworks hiked over them as a young boy to get to a local store, said Morgan. The resident also knew where the artillery emplacements had once been. His son volunteered to show the site to historical society members.