Woman seriously injured in accident at transfer station

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jun 12, 2013 - 11:37 AM

A Mathews resident was seriously injured in an accident at the Mathews County Transfer Station on May 28.

Helene Salvato of Port Haywood, sustained multiple fractures and internal injuries when she was pinned between her Dodge Dakota pickup truck and a Chevrolet pickup while she was disposing of trash bags. She said she was behind her truck with the tailgate down when the pickup truck behind her suddenly shot forward and she was caught between the two vehicles.

Her husband, Ralph Salvato, who was standing at the recycling dumpster when the accident occurred, said that the other driver’s foot slipped off the brake and when he tried to stop, he accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead.

"The good gentleman at Waste Management shouted for him to back up so she could be unpinned while the lady there called 911," said Mr. Salvato.

Helene Salvato said she felt immediate, crushing pain. When the driver pulled back, she fell, she said, "because everything that was holding me up was gone."