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Jenny Crittenden, executive director of the Main Street Preservation Trust, said that she hopes residents and visitors alike will engage with the statues and pose for photos. Here she sits with the statue titled “Things to Do.” Photo by Peter J. Teagle
In addition to the statues, a mural of daffodils has been added to the exterior wall of The Silver Box. Brent Heath of Brent and Becky’s picked a bouquet of flowers which were then photographed by the artist. That photo served as the muse for the mural, which has since been completed. There are plans for more murals in the future. Photo by Peter J. Teagle
Visitors to the village have already begun taking photos with the statues. This picture, taken by Ginger VanAtta, shows grandson Van Jaxson Hutchins proving that life does sometimes imitate art.
A businessman takes a seat in front of the Coke Building to pour over financial reports in his briefcase. This statue is one of several identical pieces in a series, one of which stood in the rubble of the World Trade Center after the September 11 attacks. Crittenden mentioned hopes for this statue to remain in Gloucester permanently. Photo by Peter J. Teagle
The three statues that were added to the Court House area last week feature minute details like those seen on the book of parking tickets in the hand of the policeman who patrols in front of Olivia’s. Photo by Peter J. Teagle

{image_1} Statues by sculptor Seward Johnson

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