The year was a winner

by Betty Wrenn Day - Posted on Nov 14, 2012 - 02:05 PM

Photo: Food illustration from a 1937 newspaper.

Food illustration from a 1937 newspaper.

The year 1937 brought about many events in this country when bread was 9 cents per loaf, pork chops sold for 35 cents a pound, and hamburger was 12 cents a pound.

Some food firsts of 1937: The first single Musketeers candy bar sold at 5 cents; Pepperidge Farm bread was introduced; and spinach growers in the U.S. erected a statue in honor of Popeye, the comic strip, spinach-eating sailor. Spam, the luncheon meat, came to the market. Pan-Am became the first airlines to serve hot meals in flight. Kraft introduced the Macaroni and Cheese dinner package, the Toll House cookie was born, and "American Cookery" was the cookbook of the time.

In news of the world, Joe Lewis became the World Heavyweight Champion, the Hindenburg disaster occurred, and the Silex coffeemaker came on the market. U.S. Steel raised workers’ wages to $5 a day, which helped to raise the average worker’s annual wages to $1,780. The Golden Gate Bridge opened and a new car to drive over it cost on average $760, with gasoline at 10 cents per gallon. The first U.S. Social Security check was cut, while new homes cost $4,100 on average.

This was the year that the New York Yankees won the 34th World Series and the Washington Redskins became NFL champions.