Garden recipes

- Posted on Sep 07, 2011 - 05:06 PM


Slice the eggplant into ¼" thick slices. Dip slices into a mixture of egg and milk and then into a bowl of breadcrumbs.

Place on a hot cast iron skillet coated with melted coconut oil. Fry on both sides and place on a paper towel to absorb excess oil until all slices are cooked.

In a 9x13-inch pan, pour enough prepared spaghetti sauce to coat the bottom of the pan. Cover the bottom with the cooked eggplant slices. Cover the eggplant with a layer of shredded mozzarella and a little more sauce. Alternate layers of eggplant, mozzarella and sauce until the pan is full or the eggplant is used up. Top with Parmesan and sauce. Bake uncovered until it is hot and bubbly. Cut into squares and serve.



6 medium beets

3 Tbs. raw apple cider vinegar

4 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil

1 Tbs. orange juice

Pinch sea salt

Pinch cayenne pepper

1 tsp. caraway seeds

Pinch cloves

Pinch cinnamon

½ tsp. finely grated lemon peel

½ tsp. finely grated orange peel

Lettuce leaves for garnish

Bake beets at 350°F. about 1 hour or until tender. Peel and chop finely. Mix remaining ingredients in a bowl; toss with beets and refrigerate several hours. Serve on lettuce leaves.



7 lb. cucumbers (Do not peel.)

2 c. lime

2 gal. water

2 qt. cider vinegar

4 lb. sugar

1 Tbs. celery seeds

1 Tbs. mixed pickling spices

2 tsp. salt

Green coloring

Cut cucumbers in ¼-inch slices; cover with lime and water and let stand 24 hours. Rinse off with water; cover with clean water. Let stand 4 hours then drain. Heat cider vinegar, sugar, celery seeds, pickling spices and salt to lukewarm. Pour over pickles. Let stand overnight. Next morning, bring pickles to boiling. Boil gently for 35 minutes; count time after boiling starts. Before boiling you can add green food coloring. Pack in jars and seal.



Scrub baking potatoes with a brush. For soft skins rub with shortening. Prick potatoes with a fork. Bake in a 425°F. oven for 40 to 60 minutes or in a 350°F. oven for 70 to 80 minutes. When done, roll gently under your hand. Cut a crisscross in top with a knife. Press ends, push up.



Scrub potatoes; prick with a fork. In microwave oven, arrange potatoes on paper toweling leaving at least 1 inch between potatoes. Micro-cook, uncovered, on high power ’til potatoes are done. Allow 5 to 8 minutes for 2 potatoes, 13 to 15 minutes for 4 potatoes, and 17 to 19 minutes for 6 potatoes. Halfway through cooking time, rearrange potatoes and turn over.



4 medium baking potatoes

2 Tbs. butter or margarine


2 slices American cheese, halved diagonally


Prepare and bake potatoes as directed in baked potato recipe. Cut a lengthwise slice from the top of each baked potato; discard skin from slice. Reserving potato shells, scoop out the insides and add to potato portions from top slice; mash. Add butter. Beat in enough milk to make of stiff consistency. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Pile potato mixture into potato shells. Bake in a 10x6x2-inch baking dish. Bake in a 425°F oven for 20 to 25 minutes or until lightly browned. Place cheese atop potatoes, sprinkle with paprika. Bake 2 to 3 minutes longer or ’til cheese melts. Makes 4 servings.

MICROWAVE DIRECTIONS: Prepare and bake potatoes as directed in baked potato microwave recipe. Prepare potato shells and mashed potato mixture as above. Pile mashed potato mixture into potato shells. Place in a 10x6x2-inch non-metal baking dish. Micro-cook, uncovered, on high power about 5 minutes or ’til potatoes are heated through, rearranging potatoes twice. Place cheese atop potatoes; sprinkle with paprika. Micro-cook 30 seconds longer.