Recipes for hoe cakes

- Posted on Jul 06, 2011 - 04:24 PM


With cornmeal that had been ground from his own corn, he adds a little sugar, baking powder, dash of flour, oil and water. "I don’t have a recipe nor do I measure. I just mix until it looks right."


This is a Civil War recipe that was found to be very good made on a hoe tool back then. Of course, if you don’t have the hoe, a cast iron skillet will do.

2 c. cornmeal

1 tsp. salt

½-¾ c. water

2 Tbs. bacon drippings

Add salt to cornmeal then water and lastly 1 Tbs. of the bacon drippings. Heat the other Tbs. of drippings in a heavy iron skillet (if using one) and make a round cake of cornmeal dough about 1-1½ inches thick. Place in hot skillet and cook slowly on top of stove or over open fire, until brown on one side. Turn and brown the other side.