Recipes for green bean casserole

- Posted on Nov 20, 2013 - 12:43 PM


1 can (10¾-oz.) Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

½ c. milk

1 tsp. soy sauce

Dash ground pepper

4 c. cooked cut green beans

1 1/3 c. French’s French Fried Onions

Mix the soup, milk, soy sauce, black pepper, green beans and 2/3 c. onions in a 1½-qt. casserole. Bake the casserole at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until hot. Add remaining onions and bake the casserole for 5 minutes.

Note: You can use 1 bag (16 to 20-oz.) frozen green beans, 2 pkg. (9-oz. each) frozen green beans, 2 cans (about 16-oz. each) green beans or about 1½ lb. fresh green beans for this recipe. Variations of the recipe use broccoli instead of green beans; add Cheddar cheese with the soup or add red pepper with the soup.