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Sarah Crockett, right, creates a Christmas wonderland every year in her house on Pine Hall Road with the help of her husband, Pete. There are 10 Christmas trees in her house this year, down from the usual 15, and every room is full of Christmas. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
The dining room of the Crockett home is warmly lit by the glow of Christmas lights. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
Christmas dances across the counters in the Crockett kitchen. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
The Crocketts' Northern Lights collection casts a bright glow in one section of the living room. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
Christmas decorations frame the kitchen window of the Crockett home, adding a special glow to the chore of dishwashing. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
A Virginia Beach man who once visited the Crockett home gave them his wife's collection of tiny houses after she died. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
Angels are abundant in the Crockett family’s Christmas wonderland, decorating mantels, tables and chests throughout the home. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
The largest tree in the Crocketts' Christmas house brightens up the living room with a full one thousand lights. It is flanked by dolls in swings suspended from the ceiling and guarded by a full-sized Teddy bear in the corner. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
A sleigh made by Pete Crockett was painted by Sarah Crockett's daughter, Shilina Lewis. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
A Christmas tree formerly owned by the late Charlotte Howard graces one corner of the Crockett home, complete with a photo of Howard. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
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