Chesapeake Counseling Associates relocates in C.H. area

Bill Nachman - Posted on Mar 20, 2013 - 01:16 PM

Chesapeake Counseling Associates, PC, recently relocated to new offices on York Avenue in Gloucester Court House. Previously, the counseling service had operated for more than five years on Martin Street in the village.

Owner Jenny Pritchett, a therapist, heads a staff of eight other therapists: Linda Hodges, Carolyn South, Karen Fowlkes, Regina Gerstman, Valarie Sikes-Nova, Robert Anderson, Beth Riehle-Biscan and Denise Green. They are assisted by intern Christina Talmadge.

The practice offers outpatient individual, family and couples counseling from its main, full-time office in Gloucester, plus part-time branches at the Mathews and Middlesex County Social Services offices, Pritchett said.

Therapists address problems as varied as sexual and physical abuse, depression, anxiety, and parenting and co-parenting. Also, they help persons with attention deficient, post-traumatic stress, and similar problems.