Gloucester encourages businesses to take part in Green Office Challenge

Bill Nachman - Posted on Dec 26, 2012 - 12:16 PM

Through the Gloucester Green Office Challenge, county businesses learn how to put simple environmental strategies into action to reduce avoidable waste and pollution, while saving energy and costs, Clean Community coordinator Bill Bell.

However, few businesses have expressed an interest in the program since it was revitalized this year, Bell said. The "challenge" assists participating businesses in implementing environmentally-friendly, or "green," initiatives that will help to improve the environment and reduce the county’s carbon footprint.

Bell said he would like to present certificates to more local businesses—such as he did Dec. 17 to Lamb Exterminating—for completing the self-directed challenge that both identifies environmentally-friendly practices in the workplace and encourages employees to make energy-saving steps at home as well.

Chris Lamb operates Lamb Exterminating on Route 17, Gloucester Point, across from Gloucester Point Shopping Center. He offers a full line of exterminating and pest control services, including using many environmentally-friendly techniques and products.

Lamb said he was unaware of the Green Office Challenge until Elizabeth Guinn, who runs GCI, an energy consulting business at Dutton with her husband Dan, mentioned the program to him and thought he should support it.

Businesses seeking recognition must indicate they are taking many pro-environment steps, including energy conservation, recycling materials and more. "It is important for businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle," Bell said.