Bay Transit puts new computer system into service

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Aug 01, 2012 - 01:57 PM
Bay Transit recently put into service a new computer system and associated hardware that officials said can help the agency better schedule public rides throughout the region.
Ken Pollock, transit director for Bay Transit, said July 30 that the agency received an almost $500,000 grant more than a year ago that has provided the computer software and new computers in the three transit offices—Gloucester, Warsaw and New Kent—and aboard its fleet of about 50 handicapped-accessible buses. Because of federal regulations, it took a good while to work through the bid process.
Larry Kight, regional supervisor for Bay Transit, said that it was more difficult to receive bids than in many other instances because so few firms nationally deal with the special transportation system Bay Transit sought.
The new system uses computer systems to “geocode” transit routes, possibly fitting in additional riders and maybe saving fuel if on-demand service can be tightened up. The system relies on GPS technology to provide real-time information about when a bus arrives at a destination, when it departs from that destination, and can help schedule riders who might be located between previously scheduled riders.
Riders generally schedule a ride a day ahead, but occasionally a rider can be accommodated on the same day, officials said.