Audiology Offices LLC relocates Gloucester branch

Bill Nachman - Posted on Sep 21, 2011 - 02:32 PM

The Audiology Offices LLC relocated its Gloucester branch in July. The firm’s owner, Dr. Ann DePaolo and fellow audiologist Linda Carr-Kraft both see patients at the new Gloucester office on court circle.

DePaolo previously had an office at Town and Country Center, White Marsh, for 10 years.

The Audiology Offices is based in Kilmarnock, with branches in Gloucester, at 20 Church Street in Mathews, and a new branch scheduled to open soon in Warsaw. Previously, DePaolo had operated branches in Montross and Tappahannock.

DePaolo said her company’s mission is to provide professional, comprehensive audiology care in a relaxed environment. "Hearing is important to all of us because it connects us to our environment through communication with family and friends," a corporate brochure said "Left untreated, even mild hearing problems can lead to isolation, anxiety and depression."

DePaolo said she and Carr-Kraft are helped by audiology assistants Karen Shelton of Weems and Janie Anderson of Waterview. The specialists conduct initial consultation with patients, DePaolo said, and see many older people who are simply having hearing problems due to old age as well as conduct many hearing and diagnostic tests for patients of all ages, including many pediatric patients seen in screenings for area public schools.

A series of hearing tests are conducted, with the patient sitting in a special sound chamber. If your hearing problem warrants hearing instruments, DePaolo said, a variety of hearing devices are available.

"This is not your grandmother’s hearing aid," DePaolo said of the modern, streamlined hearing aids which replaced the bulky units of years gone by. Periodic adjustments and routine cleanings of the aid are part of the service plan.

Some hearing loss occurs with aging, DePaolo said, while some people experience hearing loss due to exposure to machinery, loud noise like rock concerts, and from certain diseases like measles.

In addition to performing diagnostic hearing tests and fitting hearing services, DePaolo said her team offers balance testing. A portion of the ear helps control your balance, she said.